ARK Motor Enterprise / ARK Global Enterprise Pte Ltd is a well-established international company that traces its origins back to early 2006. Since then our company has grown steadily providing specialised auto-finance services of New and Pre-Owned Automobiles wholesale.


We have been making great effort to supply good and accurate automobiles to our customers and are ready to support your business at the fullest.


There will be many opportunities to collaborate with our potential partners as we buy only from main dealers direct, never from a 3rd party source. Ensuring the reliability of support. Our clients consist of 2nd tier wholesalers, rental and leasing companies etc...


World-wide services.



With offices located world-wide,we will fulfil your expectations.


ARK Motor Enterprise / ARK Global Enterprise Pte Ltd operates and manages international offices world-wide. With offices located in Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan & United Kingdom, we are sure that client expectations will be satisfied at the highest level.



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